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Traditional Ouzo - 700ml

Traditional Ouzo - 700ml


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Product Description

The intense blue of the Aegean Sea, the uncontaminated beaches, the breathtaking sunsets: these are all unforgettable postcards from Greece, rich in traditions and culinary excellences.

During the long Greek summer, ouzo is the true protagonist, it is the drink that the Greeks love to enjoy with friends sit in the tavernas by the sea; a glass of ouzo with the addition of water, ice cubes and some mezedes on the table. Enjoy ouzo with your family and friends, an experience of unique taste.

Nutritional Components

Water, Sugar, Anise, Alcohol

Useful Information

Dimitris Giannatsis, using the family recipe from Asia Minor, opened in 1932 a small distillery in Plomari to produce ouzo according to tradition.

Ouzo is prepared with the best grapes, and with the addition of anise and aromatic herbs like maratho growing lush and wild on the island of Lesbos. All ingredients come from the island: the soft water comes from the river Sedounta that descends the steep cliffs and mountains of the island of Mytilene and then plunges into the sea.

The preparation of the distillate takes time and patience before reaching the canonical 40% of the volume required to be declared "Ouzo from Plomari", a PGI product. Only in that way you can create this traditional greek flavour, synonymous of a long and sunny summer.

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Vol: 40%

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Traditional Ouzo - 700ml
Traditional Ouzo - 700ml
€19,90 EUR

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