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Halloumi cheese - 200g

Mediterranean God Taste


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Thanks to Greek Flavours you can receive the Greek cheese right in your home. Order now and receive your favourite products in just 48 hours, the Greek PDO cheese at your place in just one click.

Greek cheese is a fundamental ingredient of the country's culinary tradition. You can meet it in many different recipes, from meat to fish. Greek cheeses are said to be as many as the islands in Greece.

Among all, surely there is a cheese that is the national symbol and at the same time one of the international references for Greek cuisine: feta cheese. Officially recognized as a PDO cheese in 2002, Greek feta is one of the most used ingredients in traditional Greek cuisine. It is usually produced with goat s and sheep s milk.

In the famous Greek salad feta obviously takes on the role of leading actor. However, typical Greek recipes were invented that consider feta as a fundamental ingredient: spanakopita for example, but also the traditional bouyiourdi and many other dishes cooked in the oven.

Even feta cheese and fish recipes find their place inside the Greek Mediterranean diet.


It is a saying but incredibly resembles reality: each island has its own variety of Greek cheese. And to understand how many varieties of Greek cheese exist, just think that Greece can count on over 3,000 islands.

Greece is a vast territory compared to only 11 million people who live there, and the singular thing is that the number of animals is much higher than that of humans. It is therefore not surprising the incredible production of Greek cheese and dairy products, all of them different from area to area, from island to island.

There are populare cheese varieties in all the regions of Greece, and all of them are pretty different one to the other.

Naxos for example, due to its size and variety of the territory, is certainly one of the islands with the largest production of Greek cheeses. One of the most popular Greek cheeses is from Naxos: graviera cheese, which is a yellow cheese and a bit salty taste. It is ususally produced in the central part of the island, has a pale yellow color and can be used as table cheese as well as it is used in many different recipes.

But even Crete obviously has an almost infinite variety of Greek cheese. Obviously, the larger the territory, the greater the number of animals that are left to graze in the wild.

In the production of Greek cheese the raw material is fundamental, what really differentiates a traditional production linked to the territory. Goat, cow s milk, sheep cheeses ... mixed Greek cheeses.

Within Greek Flavours you can find the widest choice of Greek cheeses from all regions of Greece. In fact, you will find the most popular products, such as feta and Graviera from Naxos.

At the same time you will be able to discover some varieties that are usually more difficult to find. Such as the tasty Arseniko of Naxos or the exceptional Talagani cheese ideal for grilling.

Greek Flavours organizes express deliveries all over the world, taking care in every detail of the best conservation of fresh products.

You just have to discover with us all the qualities of Greek cheese!

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