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Graviera 4 Peppers Flavoured - approx 250g

Greek Flavours


The delicious Greek Graviera cheese flavoured with 4 peppers is a more creative twist of the traditional Graviera! It has all the traits of the original Graviera, meaning that it's a semi-hard cheese made by sheep and goat milk, but its' flavor is enhanced with whole pepper grains. This gives to this cheese a more spicy character that can be combined with everything: red and white meat, vegetables, salads and even include it in your sandwiches. Because of its rich taste, it can be served as a table cheese and for sure it will impress everyone who tries it!

Quantity : around 250g
Ingredients: 80% pasteurized cow's milk, 20% pasteurized goat's milk, salt, rennet, 4 peppers.

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